A Guide to BiPAP Masks

Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure or simply as BiPAP machines are the types of devices used for treating sleep apnea. They're known also as VPAP machines or Variable Positive Airway Pressure. A major function that these devices do is forcing air through the nostrils of patients and controlling air pressure when they're exhaling. This assures that there's proper balanced. The air force down the patient's airway is also pressurized in order to avoid throat issues to collapse. See more about bipap masks.

These said devices are similar to CPAP machines or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure despite the fact that they have essential features which make them more appealing option to other patients.

The machine uses a small pump that's secured over the patient's mouth through a mask. It is monitoring the breath and controlling the level of pressure required by the patient both for breathing in and out. It also has humidifier that is assisting to keep the skin moist around the nostrils. It is acting more like a ventilator as it does not necessarily help in natural breathing. It however keeps the lungs active through artificial breathing.

A big difference between CPAP machines and BiPAP machine is the fact that the latter is capable controlling the pressure administered while the former can't. When the patient is breathing out, the pressure is lowered and when breathing in, it is increased. Patients who have used CPAP machines before and switched to BiPAP find it a lot easier to breathe. Usually, CPAP machines have continuous administration of pressure which makes the patient feel a bit uncomfortable. See more about

Oftentimes, machines are used in treating obstructive sleep apnea but when it's combined to other treatment options, they become a great cure for central sleep apnea. The downside however is, their cost is typically higher and patients might feel a bit uncomfortable when wearing a mask. Most patients however are overlooking these drawbacks as using bilevel positive airway pressure machine allows them to sleep better at night.

Sleep apnea treatment machines come with one of three kinds of masks including:

Nasal mask - this kind of mask is perfect for those who are having trouble sleeping. They are very convenient to use and also, they're portable.

Oral mask - this is humidifier kind of mask, vital for those who are sleeping with their mouths open. It basically helps the mouth from drying. Learn more about cpap masks for side sleepers.

Triangular mask - basically, this type of mask fits easily to any shape of face.